About 3DPC:

Purdue 3DPC was founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing the technology of 3D printing to Purdue’s campus. 3DPC accomplishes this by offering CAD design lessons, 3D printing expertise, and a 3D printing lab with over a dozen 3D printers for academic, research, or personal use.

Membership is open to all of Purdue. No prior experience is required.

Think. Design. Create.

Important Announcements

Be a 3DPC Supervisor!

Want to get hands-on experience with 3D printers? Consider becoming a 3DPC supervisor. As a supervisor, you will be able to work directly with over a dozen 3D printers. Refer to the video below about what it means to be a supervisor. Click here for our Spring 2023 Callout Slides.

Apply to Be a Supervisor:

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